Addie Only Wants Tay

Addie Juniper is super popular among the tickle fans and she rarely gets her feet worshiped. In fact, she can't even remember the last time, if ever, a female has worshiped her feet. It's fetishcon time and Addie has been holdingo ff doing any foot worship work until she got to get together with Tay... as you know, Tay is the most renowned, BEST foot worshiper, EVER to graze the planet. Addie has high arches, meaty soles, and a delectible toe point. Her feet are absolutely just irrisistable! Tay devours them and Addie admits Tay is the best she's EVER had- she's going to hold off from ever letting anyone worship her feet again- ONLY TAY! Because no one could ever compare!Tay does such a good job that Addie can't help but touch herself!

foot worship, wrinkled soles, highly arched feet, foot parties, toe sucking