Ashley's Erotic Dream *FOOT & BODY WORSHIP*

*THIS IS THE FOOT AND BODY WORSHIP PORTION OF THE CLIP ONLY WHERE ASHLEY WORSHIPS DANICA AGAINST HER WILL * Ashley uses the prepared chl0r0f0rm reg against her master! Danica kicks her legs out and struggles a bit before going limp.Ashley then ties her up the same way she did to her earlier. Now that Danica is all tied up Ashley worships her master. She focuses on her wrinkled, highly archd feet but also worships her long legs, ass, back, armpits, belly, back down to her feet, and even makes Danica stick her tongue out and forces her to kiss her! With Danica\'s tongue out Ashley forces her master to worship her feet! Danica continues to threaten Ashley but it doesn\'t stop her. Ashley takes both of Ashley\'s feet and worships them while masturbating and then rides her feet until she brings herself to orgasm. Once Ashley has sexually satisfied herself she chl0r0f0rms her again.