Busy executive Dre Hazel is in Las Vegas on a business trip and she just got off work and whats Dre to do on a beautiful Vegas night? Will she go to the Vegas strip to gamble or maybe to a Vegas show, NO SIR! Where is Dre headed? Of course, just as we thought the world famous Bunny Ranch so she can fulfill her lesbian and foot fetish desires. The scene opens with Dre sitting on the couch in pantyhose and heels waiting for her handpicked escort to arrive. The escort enters taking Miss Crash's breath away is wearing a sexy dress, pumps and black sheer toe pantyhose. Miss Crash sits down next to Dre and Dre pays her the money. Dre takes off her shoes and takes off Miss Crash's pumps she starts to kiss Miss Crash on the neck and then aggressively kiss and makeout on the couch. Before retreating to the bedroom Dre advises Miss Crash that she wants to worship her pantyhose feet. Miss Crash says "no problem, whatever your fantasy is." Dre takes off Miss Crash's pumps and aggressively goes to town sucking and worshiping Miss Crash's sexy feet for the next few minutes, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.