Ashley's Birthday Lesbian Massage

Ashley Sinclair's birthday just passed and one of her fans bought her a VERY SPECIAL gift... a lesbian massage by Tay & Maci (to order your favorite model a spcial lesbian massage please email Tay @ ). The lesbians begin massaging Ashley's feet and once they start to worship them Ashley asks what's going on?! The girls explain that this is a special massage that will be performed with their tongues! "Just focus on relaxing and we PROMISE you'll be satisfied!" Maci and Tay worship Ashley's foot at the same time before flipping her over and advancing the massage to the next level.... Maci climbs up onto the massage table and spreads Ashley's legs... YEP! Ashley's special massage purchased for her by a fan is a full blown lesbian massage! Tay stays down on the ground as she pampers Ashley's hardworking feet while she masturbates. Maci goes to town licking Ashley's perfect sexy pussy. Tay uses the dildo on Maci's pussy doggy style for a second before going back to pleasuring herself. Maci brings Ash to a powerful orgasm! This is the best lesbian birthday massage, ever. Hopefully she'll be coming back for more again soon. Who wants to be the next fan to make Ashley's day and order her a lesbian massage?