Allegra's Job Interview

It's been a while since Tay has brough in some fresh newbies for a foot worship interview but that's all changed today! Allegra has come in for a job as Taylor Raz's assistant. Tay asks her a few basic questions about secretary work and Allegra is highly qualified ...then Tay asks, "How are you with foot worship?" Allegra is a bit awkward, "Excuse me?" Tay goes on to explain that all her assistants have always pampered her feet throughout the day- massages, worship, smelling... it all depends on what she's in the mood for. And it's apart of every interview to show Tay what the foot worship would be like. "Don't worry it's only once or twice a day, but if you don't need the job or the money, it's OK I still have 6 or 7 more interviews." Oh no, Allegra REALLY needs this job and she's going to show Tay just how much she wants it and how good of a foot worshipping assistant she could be! Allegra covers Tay's super high arched wrinkled soles in her saliva. She bites her heals, sucks the balls of her feet, and licks and sucks each toe too. She's VERY thorough- goes to show she'd be a great assistant... well, Tay has had enough she's let's Allegra know she's done a great job and asks if she left her number with her assistant. OOPS "I mean, ummm, I don't have an assistant, that's why you're interviewing... Don't call us- we'll call you! yes, we have your number... THANKS!"