Cowboy vs. Indian Game Ends in Foot Worship

Maria and Zoe are playing a very intense game of Cowboys and Indians, and Maria has just delivered a fatal shot. As part of their arrangement from before, since Maria won Zoe has to do whatever she says. Maria has decided Zoe is going to have to worship Maria's beautiful soft feet. Maria loves being the winner and getting her toes soaked in saliva, every lick reminds her of her victory and that she is truly the best!! Zoe is disgusted, they've been playing all day so Maria's feet are nasty and taste awful. Zoe is under Maria's full control, every move she calls, Zoe has to make. Maria loves getting her dirty feet licked and sucked clean. She wants her feet to feel loved, but Zoe is doing an awful job. Nothing is good enough for the champion. Zoe gets her face fucked by toes and covers her tongue in sweaty, dirty feet. Every inch of Maria's feet are tasted and tongued to completion...from heel to each toe. Maria loves this, she always makes sure to win so she can get amazing foot worship!! Maybe they should play some more games so Maria can win again and get her feet soaked and worshiped!!