Amiee Gets Eaten

Amiee stumbled upon the wrong home. She's enter witch Taylor Raz's house and she got herself into a horrible situation. Tay loves to eat little girls like her. She's tied Amiee up and can't decide if she'll eat her raw or cook her in stew. She does know exactly where to start though- THE FEET. She licks and sucks and bites all over her fresh nice plump bare feet and bites each toe. She licks Amiee all over after she cuts off her clothes with the scissors. She licks Amiee's pussy- tasting her juices confirms Amiee is going to be a delicious treat. She licks her young breasts and forces Amiee to kiss her. She changes Amiee's name to Grettle instead. Amiee remembers in the nursery rhyme Grettle gets away. Will Grettle get away in THIS story???