Allura, the Foot Obsessed Teacher

MILF Allura Skye is over at her students house helping her study for a big exam when she gets caught up in the scent escaping from Dacy's feet. As Dacy continues to study Allura sneaks a few whiffs in. She keeps on smelling for almost 5 minutes until Dacy catches her! Allura can't deny that she has a huge foot fetish, and if she lets her play with her feet she'll get an 'A' she won't even have to take the test at all! Dacy agrees as Ms. Skye worships her students feet passionately! She's so turned on that she masturbates in front of the student! She makes Dacy promise not to tell anyone and if they keep it their little secret then she'll pass school with no problem at all, she won't even have to work for it!