Asia's Military Injury- WORSHIP

*THIS IS THE  FOOT WORSHIP PORTION ONLY* <p> Asia is in the military and she hurt her foot out on the battlefield. Nurse Dre is an expert in foot injuries and she knows exactly how to elp her sprained ankle so she won't need crutches anymore. It WILL hurt, but she tells her patient to allow her to give it a shot and to trust her. Dre begins with a kiss. Asia is a little caught off guard but nurse Dre promises it will work! Dre soon starts worshiping Asia's sprained ankle and swollen sole. It hurts her so bad but Dre continues until the swelling begins to go down! It's working! Dre has Asia try to move her ankle a little bit... it's not completely better but there is one more remedy she knows of... tickling! This will definitely get Asia's bloodflow going and it will help the swelling to completely go down so she can walk again! Asia laughs but it hurts so badly! Soon she is so overwhelmed from laughing so hard that she forgets all about the sprained ankle and is up and walking again! Thanks Nurse Dre!