Allegra's Sprained Ankle -FULL

THIS IS  THE FULL CLIP- SPRAIN, WORSHIP, TICKLE <p> Allegra is super upset that she has to work today! She sprained her ankle and she's having trouble crutching around the office so she tries to hop around but she keeps forgetting things or she continues to get inconvenienced by an unworking printer, etc. When her boss enters she asks why her files aren't done?! Allegra admits it's because of her injury. Well it's a good thing her boss has sprained her ankle before. Her mother taught her a home remedy when she was younger. "TRUST ME. It's going to hurt a bit. but I promise you'll be better in no time." Tay starts with a little kiss to Allegra's sprained ankle... OUCH! As Allegra remains still Tay advances her medical skills by licking her soles of her sprained ankle. Allegra is definitely in pain but it absoultely is hurting and swollen. After a few minutes of foot worship Tay asks her employee to wiggle her toes a little. YES! It's working, but it's still not completely better. It hurts, A LOT! Tay has one last remedy- but it's going to be the most painful of all- BUT in the end she PROMISES that Allegra will be able to walk again. Tay gently takes her sprained ankle and gives it a little tickle. "OUCH, Tay, that really hurts." But Tay assures her that the blood flow will truly help her and the swelling and bruising will go away from the tickles, just tough it out. Allegra can't help but laugh! Laughter is the best medicine after all!! Within a few minutes Allegra is laughing hystarically and wiggling her toes and attempting to jerk her foot away... she does all this WITHOUT ANY PAIN! In the end Tay makes her employee get up and walk. She does it without even a problem! "NOW GET BACK TO WORK AND GET MY FILES DONE!"